bow/stern line knots

can anyone tell me what kind of knots they use to secure the bow & stern lines,once the yak is on the the extra rope is not blowing in the wind.

thanks in advance for any advice

Trucker hitch to fasten the load, then
I run the line back thru the grab loop if it’s long enough and tie it off with half hitches or a ‘crochet’ chain. Easy to undo, but stays put for hundreds of miles.

Trucker’s knot
You can find out how to tie a trucker’s knot by looking in the archives of "In The Same Boat’.

tent rope
I use tent rope with the slider(forgive me, I can’t think of what the common name for it would be). It works out pretty good … easy to make adjustment.

Several half hitches.

here’s a site with knots