bow/stern lines for Tsunami

I have two Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120’s and need to attach bow/stern lines while cartopping. The problem is there are no hard attach points on the ends of the Tsunami, only handles with elastic lines. I’m reluctant to tie lines to these as I’m afraid the handles will break off. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Elastic on handles

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A friend of mine has a Tsunami 145 with elastic on the handles. On his boat, the elastic only "tucks the handles in" so they don't flop around when not in use, but when you pull on the handles, there's a much stronger line that takes hold once the elastic stretches out to the "working position" (in other words, it isn't possible to apply a heavy load to the elastic). If that describes your boat, just tie ropes to the handles and don't worry. If not, make each tie down like this: Tie a clove hitch around the boat near the end, with one free end tied around the cockpit rim and the other to your vehicle. That will be stronger than any kayak handle, so it's a good method no matter what.

what he said…
or you can run the line through the deck lines. both of these work fine