Bow & Stern Tiedown Help Needed

I just purchased a new Ford Freestyle. After I installed my racks, I could not find a place where I could attach bow and stern tie downs.

Anybody have any good ideas?

Temporary anchor points

This company manufactures kits for tie down, but you can fabricate anchors with PVC pipe and webbing.


aa friend has a ford fiesta
similar deal but I crawled under and found two pc.'s to tie off a bowline of heavy line both in the front and back of the car she can now cartop 2 yals an tie em down herself .

dog ears
I had a similar issue on my Tundra. My canoe only came to the front of the windshield being supported by the canoe loader and foam blocks on the cab. I took some advice from others and got a couple of loops of 1" webbing and used a hot nail/screw to sear bolt holes in it. I undid a couple of fender bolts inside the hood and tightened them down. I was concerned about rubbing on the paint so I got some of that 3M clear tape and put a small piece on the hood and fender where the strap comes out of the hood. Voila. Very strong, great piece of mind, and when not in use they just tuck under the hood. If you try it make sure you have enough clearance for windshield wipers.

God Bless. Dwayne

dog ears

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Here is a link and some pics of the dog ears scates is talking about.
The pics are of my Dakota. I made these myself, between these and a Yakima rack they held 2 canoes on at 70MPH for a 5 hour drive.

If something like this would work for you let me know, I have plenty of webbing and could send a couple feet your way.

Thanks T-Man!!!
Your post answered how to address the painters on the Artic Tern as simply lashing it to the J racks left me worried and the Rangers hood buldge would’ve resulted in paint wear for sure.

Thanks for all of the good ideas.
It looks like I now have a way to put some bow and stern lines on my boat.

Thanks to all who replied.