Bow tie downs for Tundra...

Hi all,

I have a 2012 Tundra and noticed that when I put the canoes on the rack for transport, the bow lines I use to secure the canoes on the truck rub the hood of the truck. I have loops that are under the hood that can be pulled out but I guess my question is, If anyone has a Tundra without a bug guard; have you found a way to attach lines that aren’t rubbing the hood of the truck?

Have a sienna
And I tied loops around the hood hinges


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If you aren't going to use the loops that are attached under the hood of the truck..........
place a piece of pipe insulation around/underneath any portion of the tie downs(painters) that would come into contact with the hood of the truck. Make sure the tie downs (painters) are snugged down; that will assist in holding the insulation in place.

You can either thread your painters through the pieces of pipe insulation, or cut a slit in the pipe insulation so that it can be easily placed on, or removed from your painters. If the painters aren't snugged down, you won't have to worry about removing the pieces of insulation; the wind will do it for you.


I have the same issue

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with my 02 Tundra which is why I switched to loops under the hood that can swing out when needed. No matter how you try to pad a line that is stretched across a painted hood it is going to cause damage over time.

Same here. Use loops that are attached under the hood, near the windshield.

Thanks for the ideas and sorry for such a late response. I raised my canoe rack a notch which helped. Used loops in the front end of the hood compartment and tied soft towels that I have to the painters in the area they would be rubbing. Cut the towel down to a six inch piece and wrapped it around the painter. Worked well. Will look at changing the position of the loops towards the back of the engine compartment. Also used a small piece of pipe insulation at the point of where the loops came out of the hood.

On my Tundra,…
I tie lines from canoe thwarts to bed tie downs giving me the extra security of bow and stern lines without anything going across my hood.

That is a good idea -
but the front half of my canoes end up over the roof and hood, not the bed. I use one rack in the rear of the bed and the other rack attached to the roof by the windshield. So I need to run a line from the canoe to the front of the truck somehow which is whey I use the loop under the hood coming out of gap between the hood and the front fender.

Eight foot bed
I have an 8 foot bed, so both racks are in the bed. My canoe overhangs the cab.

but what if the bed fails?