Bowline attach point...

I am wanting to attach a bow line but there are no holes through the bow except those that the toggle is using. Only thing I can think of is to remove the toggle (don’t use it much anyway) and attach the bow line there.

Anyone tie bowline to the front part of the deck lines? I saw this in a book but it seems a little flimsy to me… the rope that is holding the kayak at the dock just looped around the deck line. The deck line anchors are just inserts in the plastic.

I don’t know of any kayak that doesn’t have some kind of handle. That’s where I attach a bowline. Personally I use a 25’ nylon cord with brass clips at both ends. I keep it in a sack so a I can attach it to either the bow or stern depending on my need.

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Tie it through the toggle! Not the toggle hole.