Bowron Lakes map

I recall seeing a very nice, highly detailed map of the Bowron Lakes canoe/kayak circuit in BC. The “new” updated 2008 map on the current BCparks website:

does not show anywhere near the original level of detail. Does anyone know of a link to a .pdf of the highly detailed map?


Maybe not the link you want, but it does detail the portages and gives other specifics if you want to do the whole circuit or part of it:

This sounds like a fantastic trip. I had it in mind, but they do not allow dogs. I was told the weather can be unpredictable, so you have to be prepared to hole up at some points along the way.


Similar to current parks map
Thanks for this link. The map, unfortunately, is similar to the current (insufficient) parks map. It could be that I must order the highly detailed map.

Store Bought Map
It was last year when I was considering the trip, so I don’t recall if I had found a better map and trail descriptions and details.

I know for hiking maps with any detail, I have to go to REI or get a book from the library if I don’t intend to keep it as a reference book.

The Queen Charlotte Islands look great also. I believe a person here posted his trip there with his daughter last year. I wish I had saved the link to his story; I thought I had. It looked like something I could possibly handle with a dog on board. His trip was very detailed.


Here is a link …
to my copy that I saved off the web. Map has 500 foot contours, water features, campsites, and portages. Scale is 1 inch to 1 mile.

This is a trip that I would to do one of these days.



Perhaps it was the Broken Group?

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I posted a link to a trip report of a trip to the Broken Group with my daughter last summer. Perhaps this was the one you were thinking of?

With regard to the Charlotte’s – that’s not a place for novice paddlers – it can get particularly nasty there even at the best of times. My daughter and I are planning to paddle there one day (but first, we’re planning to paddle around Vancouver Island in the summer of 2010).

We also paddled the Bowron Lakes in the summer of 2006 – an excellent trip. Here’s a link to the trip report from that adventure: