Bpod: w/ or w/out tunnel?

I’m looking at a bpod semi drysuit purchase and wondering about the tunnel. The only other drysuit I’ve ever used lacked a tunnel. Thoughts on with- or without?

kayak or canoe?
dumb question i know but it must be asked…

river???touring???flat flat???

my choice was: def.w. skirt tunnel…and still is


open water touring.

i like the tunnel because it adds IMO
another layer of defense against water getting into your boat…

there runs the risk of a small entrance being formed by a skirt under a pfd (likely yes) and if you get immersed then water enters…

lots of people say that they do not like the tunnel because it does not make that much difference…

some will say that the extra over tunnel will create extra bulkiness due to there being more material present…

personally all of my tops dry or semidry have an inner tunnel…as does my bpodt…


Just get a relief zipper.

Not Semi-Dry.
They’re not a semi dry suit like the Kokatat Super Nova. They’re all dry. The neck seal is comfortable to boot. All of 'em now have the relief zip.

There’s some on eBay! stores.

See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

"The only other drysuit I’ve ever used lacked a tunnel"

And how well did that work for you?

The tunnel will be more useful if you are in the water frequently. For example, if you were doing white water, then, maybe, you should go for the tunnel.

Otherwise, you could get away with not having a tunnel.

How often do you roll?

If you are not using a neoprene skirt, then a tunnel won’t matter too much (because a non-neoprene skirt is not going to keep the water out as well as a neoprene skirt).

Thanks for the input. Tunnel it is.