BPS Ascend FS12T

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Anyone have this kayak? I'm new to kayaking but not new to paddling having spent some time in canoes and river rafts. I want something that I can take with my family camping. I can fish on in the morning and tootle around with the kids during the day. I keep reading about the hull deforming. Anyone want to give their opinions? At $500 from BPS this is an easier sell to the wife than $1000 for the Tarpon 120.
Thanks in advance


The Perception kayaks are very popular budget kayaks. Check out Dick’s Sporting Goods website. The 11.5’ Sport model is $399 right now. And the 12’ Pescador is $449 I think.

Deform schmeform
Oilcanning has never hurt a fishing kayak.

Get what you want, but don’t fret over minor oilcanning in a recreational fishing 'yak.

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Thanks for the responses. I went with the Pescador 12 Angler. Had a great experience with Amazon. I’ll let you know how I like it.