BPS FS12T kayak

I have read many good reviews of Bass Pro’s sit on top FS12T kayak. I have not found info about whether the hull is durable enough for whitewater use, anybody out there know?

I’ve heard too many negatives
Lot’s of people have complained that the bottom is too soft and flexible. When it deforms it will not return to original shape. That’s what you get when kayaks are made in China.

My advice is to find a real kayak shop and purchase a tried and true fishing kayak like a Tarpon, Manta Ray, or Trident. All of which are suitable for some whitewater.

It’s a Tarpon
The BPS kayak uses the old Tarpon molds. As far as getting oil canning on a plastic kayak with a relatively flat bottom - that’s pretty much universal whether made in the US or China. All plastic kayak bottoms are flexible.

Check the reviews for leaks or wear through, but don’t get yourself tied up in knots over oilcanning on a recreational kayak.

As far as whitewater, it’s not a whitewater kayak. I know plenty of people who took the old Tarpons through WW up to class 3, but that’s not what it is designed to do. And you sure aren’t going to PLAY in a class 3. You would be able to RUN it if YOUR skill is sufficient.

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not quite
The Ascend sit on tops are not Tarpons nor do they use the Tarpon mold. They are made by Tracker boats. And while all rotomolded kayaks will oil can to some degree, quite a few forums report that the Ascends have a much more serious degree of oil canning.