Bradford, Pa just made the national news

-30 degrees wind chill…Hey Ed…you staying warm?

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was snowshoing out that way today
over on the North Country Trail between willow bay and tracy ridge… that’s not too far from Bradford

it was a tad bit cool, but i didn’t think it was that cold… windy as hell later in the afternoon though… of course, i’m sure the trees blocked most of the wind. along the road it was plenty cold though… i was there from about 1:30pm to 5:30pm or so…

yeah, man
look at the categories before posting.

this clearly doesn’t belong here.

don’t make g2d post again!

Brrrr in B-Town !!!
I’m sure Ed’s got a raging fire going … and has a bottle and a babe to keep him warm !!

I know its crazy but I still have it in the back of my head to move to the glorious ice-box that is Bradford PA.

Every once and a while I even check out the housing prices … It appears I could sell my 750 ft2 2/1 in Cali and get a 2000 ft2 4/2 with acreage in the Tuna Valley !!!

That’s how it was here in IL yesterday.
I didn’t like it too much. My car didn’t either.

We might not be -30,
but Fort Collins is ussually bellow zero throughout the evening.

Of course, wind chill doesn’t ,
,affect your car. High wind may cool it down quicker after you shut it off, but in the long run it makes no difference.

It’s ok
He’s “advising” us that it’s cold in PA.

He’s “suggesting” that it would be a good idea to keep warm.

He’s “helping” us southerners feel great about where we live (as if we needed any help!)

And we will make it again
Usually several times per year we get recognition nationally for either the wind chill or the actual national low temperature. And it isn’t even January yet.

And yes you can sell your mini Cali home and come here to a mansion, with some money left over most likely.

We really don’t get the national recognition we deserve though for being the welfare capitol of the world and highest gasoline prices in the nation.

With companies folding up shop weekly here, be sure you got enough to live off for a couple of years before coming here. If you were hoping to get hired, remember, everyone here has at least 15 years seniority and are awaiting recall before anyone will be hiring.

OK, I guess I am done trashing my town, must be the season to be not so jolly. Just in an ornery mood today. Vacation starts in 20 minutes so it will get better.