Brand Names

Looking 4 --2 people kayaks.plz anybody need brand names so I can look @ models 4 --2 seaters Thanks DC

Look at Bic
Bic has a couple of short tandems that might work. You might get more responses to your posts if you made them a little more legible, i.e. drop the text-speak and use English.

plenty of tandems
on the market. When you go above two paddlers though, it gets tricky.

You gotta be a bit more specific. Are you racing and looking for a K-4 or are you taking the spouse and a couple kids out for a day paddle?

That being said, I don’t really have brands. If you are looking for something to haul spouse/kids around in, you might be better suited to a canoe.

Old Town
Makes a nice divorce boat called a Twin Otter.

I don’t know if they make
kayaks from 2x4s, but you can build a nice kayak from plywood.


Enough silliness! Stop this silliness
immediately !