Brand new kayak, scratched top

Hey y’all, new to the forum and new to paddling and I just bought a brand new Dagger Zydeco and I was loading into my truck and loaded it in wrong and got several scratches right on the top and front of my kayak and theyre always staring at me. Any way to get these out or at least make them not so obvious?

Thanks y’all

Scratch up the rest of the boat by
using it, and those scratches will no longer be noticeable.

This works great

Chicks dig scars …
Kayaks are meant to have fun in and get dirty and scratched. Just go out and have fun. It’s not a piece of furniture.

Also the sticker idea is a good idea. I had a damaged fiberglass surf kayak that I bought that the owner had found a huge “DAMAGED” decal to put on the repair. I loved it.

Agree with the rest
Add some more scratches so you can’t find these any more.

Don’t worry about it.

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Yep, unless you kayak somewhere there are no rocks in the river and the shores are lined with felt, it's gonna get scratched. You just christened it. More to come.

Everyone will think your a seasoned paddler!

I came across this great Youtube video that demonstrates repair techniques on kayaks. Best video that I’ve seen. Go to the 3:53 minute mark to see how good is his blending.

don’t pay attention to them
they’ll stop staring sooner or later. Wait 'til a new scratch comes along, the jealousy!

Battle Scars
You will scratch your kayak every time you move it, touch it, paddle it, throw it on the truck, or even just look at it.

I have to agree
With each use, it will get scratched. Consider them a badge of courage, skill and living life. However, if you want to touch up the really deep ones with a hot knife to smooth them, that’s ok, too.

Not so much
Two of my kayaks are polyethylene plastic; I’ve had them for many years and probably use them more than most folks use their kayaks. They both look as good, or better than the day I bought them. Yes, it’s true that poly boats scratch fairly easily and as much as you might try to prevent it, some very minor scratching seems to happen no matter what.

Minor scratches can be treated by very carefully scraping with a razor blade, or very sharp knife. This will probably make a dull scuffed looking surface. To bring back a shiny look, I coat it with a clear water- based polyurethane.

I talked with a fellow who worked at a factory where poly boats are built. He said that when minor defects occur in the finish of new boats, they would pour a little lighter fluid on the spot and light it. He said the finish would blend back in from the heat; then you quickly blow the flame out. I’ve never had the nerve, nor the need to try that and I wouldn’t until I tried it on a practice piece of polyethylene.

Tried this on a folding table
My wife has a folding table that I used for a woodworking project and put a gouge in it. I tried the lighter fluid trick, and it melted all the way through instantly. Don’t think I would try it on a kayak.

Melted through?
Did you make a puddle of fluid? It only needs to be a light coating. (I use the same technique to separate glued pvc pipe.) Next time, use a Q-tip to lightly swab the scratch, then set it afire.

I still think a hot knife with a shoe attachment is a better choice. You can choose how long to apply the hot shoe and use the shoe to blend the scratch.

A new ad appeared on Accuweather and right here on Paddling. net. It’s MagicEzy gel coat repair, but they say it also works on plastic. Make repairs in 9 seconds. Oh boy.