Brand new kayaker, need lake/river recommendations

I’m brand new to kayaking, I need recommendations for beginner level places in/near Milwaukee, also paddle buddy?? Any advice would be great

I have a friend that’s not too far from you. His name is Steve Cook and he made his own kayak from a pigmy kit but when he sold his home it had to go too. He and I spoke today on the phone and he’s thinking of getting back into kayaking.
If you’d like to talk to him let me know with a PM. He moved north out of Hebron Illinois (escaped) and is now near Hartford. I’ll give you his phone number if you’d like it. He’s no longer got a computer so a phone number is what you’ll need.

Travel Wisconsin has a decent site:

Start googling paddling clubs and milwaukee. That works for me as i paddle around the country. Introduce yourself on their message board or forum, like you did here, and the offers will come. You need to get more regional. Also a lot of meet up groups on facebook but i have the best luck with clubs.

I’d pop in at the Milwaukee REI and chat with folks in the paddling department. Might also be worth it to take a day trip or two with them; they’ll definitely have planned out some low-stress places to go.