Brand new to canoeing. Looking for advice on trolling motor setup!

Bought and Old Town 158. Me, my girlfriend, and dogs will all be aboard, approximately 600lbs combined weight. We will be mostly in freshwater lakes, but also possibly in the local saltwater sloughs.

I want to get a saltwater-capable trolling motor setup to make canoeing more of a leisure activity than a workout. I’m hoping you guys can help give me info on ideal thrust output, shaft length, battery model etc. I’m new to this so I don’t know all of the questions to ask.

We are going to take the canoe out a few times with paddles to get a feel for it, but I’d liked to start piecing together this kit cause Summer’s end isn’t too far off and I’d like to get as much use out of this thing as possible before the warmth goes away.

Hope to be more active in this community!