Breathable Muklucs ?

I went for a little paddle yesterday and it was so nice wearing my Choata Light muklucs but after a few hours in their water tight confines my feet are wet.

Much as I hate to admit it my feet sweat and my socks get wet and then they get cold and that just defeats the purpose.

Nah it’s still better than sticking them in the 40 degree river water.

Choata’s “breathable muklucs” appear to be breathable from the calf up. It’s my feet that sweat.

Anybody seen something that’s breathable right down to the foot? Preferably with a soft sole like the Choata Lights?



check these out

I’ve got the neoprene chotas and like them a lot, the neos is another alternative.

Real wool socks inside
I have the Chota Breathable mukluks and wore them yesterday on a canoe trip. I have sweaty feet and I wear heavy wool socks inside and my feet stay toasty warm. A couple miles from the take out we took a break and I stepped out into clear water that looked only 6 inches deep but was 2 feet, so I took a swim. Man, that water is cold! I a wetsuit on but it was still a cold plunge. I poured a quart or two out of each boot, them put them back on and paddled to the takeout and my feet were chilly, but not cold, Even though the socks were soakig wet and there was still cold river water in the boots.

a couple weeks ago I tried the Neoprene socks inside the mukluks and that didn’t work as well as the wool socks. My feet were chilly all day.

I have yet to find anything thats watertight also be Breathable… Its a bunch of hype that started with Gortex.

Water-repellent treated Steger mukluks. Pricey, but are warm and dry. Good for trips where portaging or combination paddling/hiking is required.

My wife lives in them.

Ditto on the Wool Socks
I’ve found my feet to be nearly as warm in wet wool socks as dry ones. Same goes for wool gloves worn under a non-waterproof windshell when it’s raining.

As for those Chota’s being breathable only above the ankles, that still works very well. That moisture around your foot needs to evaporate in order to escape through a breathable fabric, and once it does that, it can easily migrate anywhere in the boot, and in fact, the whole interior of the boot will be 100-percent relative humidity. It matters not which part of the boot allows moisture to pass through.

I have both the breathable and non-breathable high-top Chotas, and the breathable ones are definitely more dry inside, but they also are not as warm (the neoprene tops on the non-breathing boot is a better insulator).

Triple ditto on wool socks inside
Feet sweat and neoprene doesn’t breathe. The wool-like lining of my Quicklace Mukluks does allow some sweat to be pulled away from the feet, but wearing wool socks makes for the most comfortable feet. I began by wearing the mukluks without socks, then wearing thin synthetic socks, then found that wool socks are best.

Ditto with fuzzy rubber garments–they feel driest when you wear a wicking layer underneath. Giving the waterproof outers of either mukluks or other clothing some porous insulation underneath allows your skin to be drier.

Use Antiperspirant

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Try using Antiperspirant on the soles of your feet, and make sure your footwear is dry to start.
PS Also works for sweaty palms if you have to do a lot of glad handing.

layering works
First layer is a capilene/wool blend calf length sock (by Patagonia,other makers out there). Then a thin all wool sock a la pikabike.

For really cold weather a thick wool sock.

I’ve also wear heavy nylon tights (cut where needed to match the relief zipper) underneath my wetsuit and would try it under the drysuit as well. Surfers, male and female btw, were using nylon tights as a additional layer years ago.

Then the Chota mukkluks. Mine are all rubber and neo. That to me means waterproof.

Waded around nearly up to to boot tops several times this weekend in water than had a thin skin of ice on it, that qualifies as cold water, right? : D

No probs w. getting wet or cold feet… about 7 hours paddling as well. At home each night I found my feet ever so slightly damp and no discomfort at any time.

Keep experimenting until you find the layering right for you.

wicking layer under wetsuit
wow, good idea…I’ll do it this weekend and if it stops that cold, clammy feeling I’ll love it. I’ll start by trying capilene long sleeve shirt and capilene long johns. thanks for the tip