Breathable Mukluks?

Anyone here using Chota Breathable Quicklace Mukluks?

I have a set of the Lite Mukluks, but am toying with the idea of a lace-up pair with more ankle support. The breathables seem to be a good idea for “shoulder” seasons, and might be comfy even when the temps rise.

Anone using?


Have 'em, like 'em.

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I've been using them for about four years now. They really are quite nice for cold water and moderate-to-warm temperatures. It takes a really warm day to make them uncomfortably hot inside, but I always have wool socks and a polypro liner sock, which helps a lot. I even use them in the summer on the Wisconsin River so I have "sand-proof" footwear that makes it super easy to go in and out of a tent without dragging in sand (slip 'em off at the door, while low-tops or sandals necessitate lots of foot clean-up time).

The eyelets on the breathable model are made of rubber, and they don't last long like the fabric eyelets on the Chota neoprene models. Mine wore through in less than two years, so I just sewed fabric eyelets right onto the remains of the rubber ones. They've been fine ever since. Also, once the bungie-cord laces break, I just used para-cord tied and laced like with regular shoes.

I have a pair

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I like them especially in spring and fall in circumstances when it would be best to try and keep my feet dry. Great where you frequently launch and land a canoe or have muddy conditions like on some rivers. They provide a extra layer for warmth on the lower legs in cooler weather. However your mention of looking for better ankle support leads me to make the following comments. I don't get enough ankle support from them to consider doing a lot of heavy portaging when wearing them in Canadian shield country, if that's what you have in mind. That would be: me at 250lbs, a canoe at 50 lbs, and my pack at another 50 lbs. My experience is that requires at least a half high boot with some leather in it. But I'm sure the mukluks are an OK boot for portaging well worn paths with a lighter load. I certainly do BWCA day tripping with portaging (usually just a canoe and fishing tackle) in mine.

Thanks for the responses.
By “ankle support” I was not considering longer portages. Rather, I was comparing the Quick-Lace models to the Lites I have which have essentially no support.


Jim, I’ve had the Lites and the regulars

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... and I can't say that I noticed any difference in the ankle support. What I definitely noticed though was increased padding under my feet. That's the reason I got rid of the Lites. I stepped on a couple of acorns on bike trail first and only time I wore them ... YEOWW! "For Sale"

Been there done that
I mail ordered my Lites and found them to be very generous in size. I unserted a good pair of innersoles to take up the room, and that helped with the “princess & the pea” syndrome.


chota boots
Hi …i just bought the Chota Mukluk lite knee-hi neoprene boots …they certainly are not a tramp thru the woods boot but ok for general shoreside use. I normally take a men’s size 9 and ended up with a size 8 using ave. thickness wool socks. I could probably go a tad thicker in socks too for real cold water. the chota’s seem to run undersize.