Bremen Maine, Kayaking

Question if anyone knows - at one point in the last couple of years the town fathers of Bremen ME came up with a criteria for a flag for kayakers and gave the harbormaster the go-ahead to start enforcing this. But the CG informed the Town they would not be enforcing it (it both ran counter to and was incomplete in some respects compared to CG requirements), and it appeared that the Harbormaster on their own was not so interested in enforcing it within his limited span of control. (There is another harbor south of there, so Bremen probably doesn’t even get the full ten miles out.)

So by the time we got there last year, there was no evidence that anyone was trying to enforce it.

That said, does anyone who has been up that way know if this has come up again and/or if the Harbormaster is enforcing the thing now?


Broad Cove Marina
I launched and paddled from Broad Cove Marina (Bremen Maine) and paddled-camped for three days there last week. I knew nothing of this and nobody said anything about it to us. The lobstermen who passed us seemed quite friendly and waved, but I don’t believe there was a harbormaster around either. Thats all I can tell you.

I was up that way on Saturday
We had a joint SMSKN/MITA paddle from Round Pond on Saturday with 23 paddlers. Now that you mention the flag thing, I vaguely remember hearing about it, but at the time I had forgotten all about it. We paddled from Round Pond up to the wreck of the Cora Cressy and then around the north end of Oar Island to Strawberry, Crow and Hog Islands. No one challenged us and our presence wasn’t subtle.