Brian Henry closing shop (Ocean River Sports, Current Designs founder)

I met him years ago at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium’s (when they were in Traverse City, late 80’s).
Very nice guy.

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Gotta love him for the “Caribou S”… :sunglasses:

Doesn’t one of Brian’s sons hold the record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island? John Dowd, John Dawson, Brian Henry - all influential for Northwest kayaking. And others I am unaware of.

Mike Necar (Necky) is one (gotta love those Arulk’s)
I’m sure others but I’ve got a bad memory. Of recent times (as in past 10 years), Sterling is one of my fav’s of the NW

edit: memory refreshing a little:
Broze brothers (Mariner)
Lee Moyer (Pacific Water Sports)
Tom Derrer (Eddyline)