Bringing and Returning Kayaks To Canada on Trailer

Considering going to visit a friend in Ontario and taking a family trip. It will be the four of us.

We will be bringing my Trailex open trailer with 6 “boats”:
2 doubles for a family paddle, as well as
2 smaller packboats
and the kids 2 paddleboards.

Our guests have a cottage on the water so this could be a very unique opportunity but I know there are more “seats” than there are people in the car. I’ve called various customs places including local CBP and I get different answers from “NOTHING DON’T WORRY WE DON’T CARE AS IT DOESN’T HAVE A SERIAL NUMBER TO DECLARE” to being told to engage a customs broker lest US thinks we bought them while abroad and are bringing them back.

I’d really like to bring these boats because it gives us the flexibility of a together family paddle as well as each person being able to individually branch out for fun. My intention is to bring all this stuff to Canada for a week or two, enjoy it there, then bring it back. No trade or sale will occur.

Anyone knowledgeable in how I could go about this without raising the ire of Canadian customs thinking I am going to sell them there (which I am not) as well as US customs knowing I am just bringing back my legally possessed property?

I have driven up to Canada more than a few times - crossing the Maine-New Brunswick border - with 2 kayaks on top of my car and have never had any problems.

One time the U.S. Customs agent asked me if I had bought the kayaks in Canada. I said “No” and she said “Okay”. That was it.