Broken canoe seats

I have a Dagger Reflection that needs some canoe seat repairs. I am just turning it into a duck hunter, lake cruiser, etc. I dont want to buy new seats. I have the old ones but they are just rotted out the last inch or so of the ends. Plus the hardware is shot. I am looking for cheap alternatives to fixing these, mounting them, etc without buying new seats. Any ideas?

Do you have a table saw? You can make some.

Get some kind of webbing… seatbelt type material, and braid and staple like you see in photos of webbing canoe seats. Even a cam strap (NRS, Harbor Freight, etc), just braid it and tighten it up… needs to be fairly long… 12ft+.

Yard chair webbing from the hardware store and some wood for the rotted piece.

A photo would be helpful for those of us unfamiliar with the make/model particulars🙂