Broken Group Info

We’ve just added a new location album to our site for the Broken Group on the west coast of Vancouver Island:

This presentation was photographed and written by Mark Schilling, one of the fellows that works on the westcoastpaddler website with me.

I hope that you’ll enjoy Mark’s presentation. I haven’t been to the Broken Group yet but after seeing Mark’s account of his journey there, I’ll be going soon.


What a great bunch of shots.

I’m planning a trip to the Broken Group in July and it was fun to see the photos and dream about the trip. Thanks

Lots of great shots…
Helps keep the winter blahs as bay. Thanks. Been up there a couple of times and these shots bring back great memories. A great combination of beautiful little islands and open ocean in a relatively ‘safe’ open ocean environment. Too many people are finding out about it though…

Sometimes I miss living in British Columbia so much…

yes, but eastern ON is pretty
dam nice as well. you are in the midst of some incredible canoe country. kayak too for that matter.