Broken Kayak Seat

The seat of my kayak was damaged last summer. I’ve got an Otter. The seat is a hollow plastic affair that I believe was installed after market, but I got the 'yak used so I don’t know for sure. Basically, the back of the seat used to stick out of the cockpit about 6 inches, and that bit was smashed up. I was able to trim it off to use for the rest of the season, but it’s not ideal. Has anyone had to fabricate and install a seat? Any pointers? Pictures of any custom or DIY installs would be most helpful.

Thanks for any help!

Otter? Pardon my ignorance, but who
made it? Rec kayak with large cockpit? A large manufacturer might still have replacement parts.

I googled around for generic replacement seats, and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of drop-in replacements. Without knowing what you’ve got, I think you may have to cut out the seat back, and then either improvise a new back, or buy something that combines a seat pad with a strap-supported seat back. There’s a pretty good selection to look at at

If you were dealing with a sea kayak, there are custom minicell foam seat/back assemblies available from several sources. But I’m guessing you have a big, wide cockpit where those would not work.

They still make it…
The otter is a Old Town product. You should be able to contact them to inquire about a whole new seat or just the seat back. Here is their number. (800)-343-1555 or go to

sounds stock
Your description of a hollow plastic seat sounds like what Old town puts in it’s boats. Call them and they’ll send you a replacement at a reasonable price. I found them helpful when I was looking for a seat for an older Loon that had floated our way. The whole seat was about $30.

I have a perception sundance that came with a flimsey seat back. Since i often fish all day from this kayak I wanted a seat back with some support. So I took one of those old 60’s or 70’s moulded plactic chairs with the stainless steel legs (I removed the legs) and bolted it in. It now sticks about 4 inches above the cockpit opening and provides a comfortable seat for fishing (I also attached a gel seat pad).