Broken Paddle Blade

I finally discovered how much force you need to apply in order to break the blade of a plastic kayak paddle.

It can not be repaired, but can the blade be replaced. What is involved in doing that?

Contacting the factory, either through
the dealer or separately. Many paddles with plastic blades are not worth fixing.

You don’t happen to be …
either the father or son who did the Black Water river Canoe race this past Saturday?

If you are, I saw the paddle after the race, and can sympathize with you.

Jack L

J & J Canoes
Jim has repaired a couple of paddles for me which got caught in the deadly tailgate crusher. He’s reasonable, quick, and professional. Does good work and has great customer service. Give him a call and discuss it. Advice is free.

quite simple
The blade is, typically, just glued on

Hence - you need a replacement blade and some glue.

Removal of the old blade can be facilitated with a heat gun, or some creative substitution

How to get replacement blade - contact dealer/factory/store

Of course, depending on the paddle, it might be not worth your time and effort.

BTW, your old paddle breaking is a sign to upgrade :wink: