Broken paddle

I have had a Voyageur “Selkie” kayak paddle for a # of years. Love it and have lots of fond memories with it. It’s a wood laminate with a resin tip. About mid season last summer I was on a multi day trip on Lake Umbagog in Northern NH. I had just exited the boat when I lost my balance and managed to drive the paddle blade between two rocks and fall over on it. Needless to say this didn’t do the blade much good, I managed to fold back and splinter about three or four inches of the tip and split the resin tip in half right thru the center. I finished the trip (and the season) with the blade held together by duct tape (never leave home without it!). In the past few weeks I’ve stripped off all the finish and slowly glued the laminate back together, piece-by-piece. The resin tip however is still split thru and I’m afraid this will leave the blade prone to splitting again. What I was thinking was to glass over the blade or at least the tip to reinforce it. Anyone ever try this or have any other ideas on a “bomb proof” fix for a resin tip? Or do I just need to bite the bullet and spring for a new stick? Thanks for your input.

Tip Fix
I have fixed a couple of split canoe paddle blades by covering with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. It has made the blade heavier but fixed the split. My advice is to go ahead and fix it that way (what have you got to loose?). Be aware, however, that the blade will be heavier. Therefore be very stingy with the epoxy to help minimize the weight.

I met through some acquentances someone well known who does this kind of repairs out of a shop in Vancouver, British Columbia. He own a shop. His name: Mark Reutan, Nomad Boat Building.

He may give you some good advise. Send him some pics of the broken paddle to show well the broken parts.