broken paddle

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I want to know if it is possible to fix a harmony river passage paddle, the right blade broke, well it cracked but the rest of the paddle is in great shape.It would seem like a waste to just chuck it!

Depends on the blade material and the
size and nature of the crack. Specifically, only epoxy (West or System 3) and glass or carbon cloth is going to do the job. If you want a clean repair (one not adding much weight or water resistance), you are going to have to feather the crack, or dish it out, probably on both sides. Then you are going to need to put two or three layers of fabric on both sides of the crack. The patches should be concentric, with the LARGEST going on first. Do one side at a time, and when you have all layers on, put on a piece of food wrap and apply pressure with soft foam to force out excess resin.

If the blade is not glass, but polyethelene, you’re dead. Nothing will stick to it. If it is a mixture of Nylon and fibers, the cloth patch technique might work.

Getting a quart of quality epoxy and hardener, plus cloth, is going to cost you at least 60 dollars. Are you sure you like that paddle enough to bother? Go to Mitchell or Werner and get a quality paddle that is less likely to break, and is more repairable.

broken paddle
sounds like a plan, a new paddle and something to hand over the bar!Thanks for your help.

Don’t chuck it!
Another member is looking for a broken paddle.

broken paddle
I repaired a broken (craked) paddle by epoxy - ing a thin piece of aluminum flashing across the face and then securing it with very small bolts. It has held up well and has added very little weight to the paddle.