broken paddle

I have been using a Lendal Kinetic touring paddle for about a year as a spare and as a longer range paddle. My primary paddle is a Werner Corryvrecken.

Yesterday I had a blade delaminate and fall off of the shaft. I know I could possibly repair the Lendal, but I would never really trust it.

I contacted Lendal and was advised since they changed ownership there was no warranty on a paddle they did not build, but offered a discount on a replacement. The Kinetic touring is no longer offered.

I am a high angle paddler, in very good shape, but I sometimes like a “different gear” than the Corryvrecken has when going longer distances, or paddling with a slower group.

Has anybody switched from a Kinetic touring to a replacement Lendal? It took me a long time to find these paddles, and I am a little gun shy of spending $400+ on an unknown paddle. Trying out a new paddle will be tough since most shops have limited stock over the winter, and I really need a spare.

still available
Lendal may have stopped making them but there appears to still be stock at the dealers. In fact, New York Kayak sells just the blades for $125 a pair if you want to repair the one you have.

The new Lendals
I picked up a larger sized X-range (which is the new version of the Kinetic) and it’s pretty sweet. I got a two piece to cut down on weight and complexity. Really excellent craftsmanship and materials, although the finish isn’t as perfect as a Werner. I really like the catch and feel of Lendal blades, very smooth yet powerful. Very nice product imo, worth checking out, and they are made in the US now.

xrange and storm are awesome
I have an xrange 700 and a storm. Both are great paddles. Lendal NA uses different manufacturing process than Lendal (original) and Celtic Paddles (the other half of what was Lendal). Celtic paddles and Lendal NA are no longer related.

I have used Werner, AT, Epic, Lendal, Aquabound, and a few others. Lendal NA are the beat paddles I have used.

Agreed! And the new Lendal Storm

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is super! I have owned the original Lendal Kenetic in both CC and CF blades. My long time favorite paddle was the Werner Cyprus. After demoing a Lendal Storm at The River Connection in earlier this summer, I recently purchased one from Marshall.

My Werner Cyprus has been relegated to my backup paddle. I just love the fit and feel of the Storm. I always felt the Cyprus was great for linking various strokes; and long days on the water, but the Storm is even better!

X Range Kinetic
I just had mine out for a couple days in 4 - 6 foot small craft advisory short period seas for some open water and surf zone fun. I have the old version and the new, and I think the X-Range foam cored foiled back face is an improvement. I love the ovaled shaft. I find the whole thing has a great feel to it in use.

I also very much like that it’s made in the USA.