I recently had to put my QCC500 into storage along with my other household possessions. The moving company did a great job except that my kayak was damaged.

They admitted to storing it standing on end, the bow end. Not a good thing.

There is a hole about the size of a quarter in the fiberglass just above the black tape and the kevlar underneath is visible.

Is this a repair that someone who has never done any fiberglass work can do?

If it is done right, will it be visible?

Can it be painted? Can a gel coat be put over the repair? Or isn’t that necessary?

Does anyone know any place in CT or MA that can do a quality repair?

Thanks, ray

Call Phil att QCC
When I dropped my kevlar 700 from the roof of my 4 x4 pick-up and knocked a hole about an inch wide and three inches long through the gelcoat to the kevlar cloth, he ran me through a quick fix which has stayed good since last February.



Probably not a big deal…
This doesn’t sound too bad.

NJ Paddler in Brick, NJ knows some one near them (not convenient for you).

Talk to the Small Boat Shop in Norwalk, CT.

You might also talk to any near by marina for suggestions.

Could they possibly have stored it…
in a worse way ??? Sheesh.

You might contact QCC to see if they will send you a tiny bit of X color gelcoat … this would be a good place to start. If you have the right color anything can be made to go away. Good thing also is the glass / kevlar boats can be repaired so you will never know what happened.

Atlantic Kayak Tours, Annsville Paddlesports Center in Peekskill, NY (near Hudson river) are also people to talk to.

The movers are paying, right?
They should pay to have it professionally repaired.

…I’ll dispose of it for you to help you out, no charge…when should I come haul the worthless junk away?..LOL…j/k.

John Kazimerczech (spell? pronounced kazi-meer-check) is in the very southwestern corner of NH, Winchester or thereabouts, and does beautiful repair work. A friend’s boat had a similar problem on the nose and was repaired to perfection by John. Don’t know if he wants the repair work, but he’s the best in my book.


Repair is easy
Pick up some putty at your local west marine or other marine supply, about $ 10 bucks.

Thoroughly clean the area with acetone or denatured alchohol, either shouldn’t harm the glass if used minimally, masked the area off to avoid harm to the rest of the boat, smear in the putty making sure you get it under all the edges of the hole, allow to dry and sand down, reducing your sand paper grade to a polish.

Be sure to take your hatch cover off and allow the hull and cloth to dry out well before repair.

Matching a particular color will be a whole different story.



I Think
Water Works in Mansfield, Ct. does repairs.