Broken Rudder Foot Pedal

I have an older Old Towne Tadem Kayak with a rudder control system that involves a cable running from the rudder suspended inside the kayak with a couple of plastic foot pedals attached via grooves in the plastic to the cable (thin rope). The system is not attached to the side of the kayak but hangs loose in the kayak. One of the plastic foot pedals snapped and Old Towne no longer carries replacements. Don’t really want to try drilling thru the side of the kayak to install a new fixed system. Any suggestions?

Rope/cable fits in tongues of pedal to hold secure.

drill it
Numerous high end kayaks have footpeg rails attached with screws, they are not worse because of it.

So, mark twice, drill once, use marine/plumbers non-silicone sealant around holes, it will be better than new.