Broken Zaveral Grip

-- Last Updated: Jul-19-13 4:39 PM EST --

After almost 10 years of use I felt the grip "Give" on my Zaveral rec paddle the other day. The grip, not the shaft, is broken. Just checked online and the T-grip I want is $64 plus shipping. Looked at the carbon replacement like I have and I see the same price. I really don't want to spend that much money on a tiny piece of wood or carbon. Any other places out there where I can find a replacement grip a bit more reasonable? Doesn't have to be Zaveral as long as it will fit in the shaft.

Did you call Zaveral and explain your
problem? It may be that they have a second around somewhere. Their grips are mighty comfortable. Personally I would go with a second before a knockoff.

I just had the same thing happen
I just had the same thing happen. I called Zav and he sold me one for cost. I got the White Water grip, which has an extra layter of carbon and is filled with expanding foam. It was still about $50 shipped, but it seems a lot stronger than the ‘Light’ grip that was on it. Its only a few grams heavier so I think it was worth it.

Getting the old one out took a lot of careful scraping with a utility knufe and a lot of sanding until the new one fit.

Overall it worked great though.

Good Idea, Kim

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The paddle was a "Second" way back when and was right at $100. I didn't want to spend almost as much for a new grip. Didn't think about the fact that they may have GRIPS that are "Seconds."

Interestingly Enough…
…this paddle has always been a bit too long. My wife’s paddle is 2" shorter and just right. So when the deed is done, I will cut the shaft a bit and think I should end up with a paddle better than before?

That makes it easy
That makes your life a lot easier then! I didnt want to loose any length on mine so I spend a half hour sanding the old grip out of the shaft.

The shaft/grip cut like butter so you have about 10 mins of work once you get the new grip.