Broken zipper on Bic Yakka kayak

I bought a used Yakka sort-of-inflatable/folding kayak for $75. The inflatable parts has two zippers down its length to access the air bladder, and both of the zipper slides are broken. Has anyone out there successfully repaired anything like that?

depends on the zipper
I used to regularly repair zippers for customers at a wilderness sports store that I worked at in my 20’s. You can get replacement slides for quality brand zippers at sewing goods stores (like Joann Fabrics) or order on line from Seattle Fabrics.

But it depends on the zipper. If it’s a respectable brand like YKK or Talon and the teeth have not been damaged, it is fixable. The brand should be molded into the tab on the slider. If it’s some off-brand or generic zipper, repair may not be possible.