Brooks Tuliq

drysuit, neo hood, the works, and i still get a ripping icecream headache when i roll in the ocean here. unless i’m paddling my butt off in a tide race and capsize by accident (then i hardly feel the cold), i can only do a few rolls, and i’m done. all my practice comes in the pool, what a drag.

what’s your experience with this Brooks piece? is it really warm on the head and neck area? fairly dry, not at all dry? it’s big coin but maybe next winter i’ll get one made if i think it will allow me to play and roll around more than my current equipment.

Check the ears…
I find that both my paddling hood and the hood of my tuilik (homemade)let enough water in to get into my ears. Cold water in the ears makes me dizzy immediately, and sometimes brings on the headache.

Simple foam ear plugs eliminate the problem. A friend has Doc’s proplugs and really likes them - they would probably do better yet.


Too warm for S Florida!
I have an XL, in white - barely used at all - and I’m thinking of selling it and either getting something lighter weight like a Reeds or just skipping it.

warm water
it must be awesome to be able to frolic in the ocean and roll about with little of the tension that comes with really cold seas. your first dunk in is a shock, the second only marginally better, the third about the same, and it stays like that for me. i warm up quickly while paddling, and given that i’m dry underneath, but my head and face just don’t like the shocking cold. my body tenses, and while i can always roll, the subtlety of my technique goes out the window.

5 MM Surf Hood
tuck the neck into the drysuit overlap. Put silicone grease over face area, neck and ears. Able to surf all winter with that.

With the tuiliq, depends on what you want. If you want to do g-style rolls, then the bouyancy of the tuiliq helps with some. If you want to deal with immersion protection and minimizing inceasing ice cream headaches, it does not offer really any more than a drysuit (or good winter wetsuit) and a good surf hood (which has a face opening gasket cinch). The tuiliq, including the hood, is 3 mm neo. So, in terms of head protection, the 5 mm surf hood is actually thicker and warmer.

Surf hood about $15. A Brooks tuiliq is about $250. (probably more now.)


Brand of Hood?
Sing - can you recommend a brand of hood that you like?



Henderson Hyperflex – price went up by $5.00. Now $20. Runs a tad small. I have have large head and wear Xlarge. You may need to trim the collar so it tucks into your drysuit overcuff without bunching.


if you’re going out just for rolling practice, you can wear a divers mask (covers nose and eyes)to reduce the amount of exposed skin. watching the greenland rolling champions doing multiple roles in 32 degree water is inspiring, and suggests that practice may induce some degree of habituation. Haven’t put it to the test though.

As above, better hood
I get my cold weather hoods out of dive shops these days. Thicker and warmer than most paddling hoods.

Also re diver’s mask
I recently got a mask with full nose cover that has a purge valve. Aside from seeming to need to be purged more often than one without, it’s a great choice for rolling practice in cold water. Keeps the huge shock of cold off more of your skin and, with the purge valve and a normal application of anti-fog stuff, seems to keep the mask clear enough that you can still see fine.

I also find that I am wearing my face masks looser and purging more often since we did a beginner scuba thing over Christmas, which makes them a lot more practical for extended rolling work in the kayak.

great ideas thank-you

silicone grease?
what is this silicone grease you speak of?

The "Secret…"
to winter surfing and rolling:

I buy the big 40 oz jar. I go through through a jar in about for about two winter seasons (I also use it to alleviate skin rash from latex gaskets). Covers up the pores so ice water does shock the skin. Water down to 33-34. I feel it but it’s not shocking. 2-4 hour winter surf sessions mean my head and face are way more exposed than someone doing an hour of roll practice.


and safe for your skin?
i see that it is sold as an o ring lube

Inert. 100% Silicone
no addictives. Sometimes market as “food safe”, meaning can be used on stuff that may touch food.

Been using it for well over 5 years. Doesn’t mean much since stuff can take years to develop a problem. (shrug) Have to take a really hot shower and a bit of rubbing to make sure you get it off when you’re home.


expensive NM

How much do you apply?
Thin coat, just enough to seal pores, maybe a little more than sun screen?

I’ll have to try that if I go out tomorrow. 48F and below water hurts my face, big time.

Paul S.

Yup. Enough To Seal Pores
no residual that it would come off onto something else that touches it.