Brooks vs Reed Akulisaq?

I am in the market for an Akulisaq and I’m trying to decide between the two above named makers. I understand that the Reed, made of their proprietary material, not neoprene, will likely be lighter in weight and possibly not as resistant to punctures and tears. It’s also less expensive, and is made to your boats measurements, which is appealing.

My main question has to do with both items suitability for rolling practice. The Reed website specifically states that their Akulisaq does not provide a perfectly watertight seal around the chest. I think that’s the case with both, but wondered if anyone had direct experience with this. Any advice greatly appreciated!

I use a Reed Akuilisaq for warm weather rolling and paddling. Fits both my Ilaga and Anas Acuta. Ordered per Turner Wilson without straps and sized to wear at my waist. Great piece of equipment. The Reed material is not as tough as Brooks’ neoprene and am careful with it during rescue practice bringing kayaks on my deck. I do not find excessive water leakage into the cockpit, but a little cannot be avoided. The Reed is akuilisaq is cut so as to be very flexible and not resist rotation, what you want for rolling practice.

Thanks @heatfmg! I’m wondering how forgiving the Reed sizing is. I want to use it on a skin on frame that has a cockpit with a circumference that is a little bit bigger than my Tahe Marine. Would be great if I could use it for both. Maybe I should tell the folks at Reed‘s the circumference of both and see what they say. Perhaps they’ll decide to cut it to a size that is a little bit in between.

Why would you say that sizing it for the smaller boat will also work for the one that is a little bit bigger as the akulisaq is a bit stretchy?

Recommend asking Reed directly regards the sizing. There is a fair amount of stretch in the material & shock cord where it interfaces with the coaming. Of course, make very sure not too tight to pull it off with one hand in case of a wet exit.

I have a Brooks Akuilisaq and how well it seals depends on whether you wear it with a Jacket or dry suit that has a tunnel waist or not. Even without it, the amount of leakage is minimal and just requires sponging out periodically if you’re rolling, balance bracing or paddling in rough water where you’re getting a lot of spray and splash. I’ve never found it to be a significant issue.

As for sizing, there’s a degree of stretch, but heatfmg’s warning about being able to get it off is spot-on. It’s critical to your safety and it’s not worth taking a risk to save a few bucks.

How much of a difference is there in the dimensions of your boats’ cockpits?

Difference is minimal. 62" vs 64" circumference. Reed says it’s no problem.

It wouldn’t be for a Brooks, either.