Broughton Archipelago Kayak Trip

We just returned from a week in the Broughton Archipelago adjacent to Vancouver Island and on the southeastern stretches of the Queen Charlotte Sound. Had a great week surrounded by whales (Minke, Orca and humpback), eagles and tremendous paddling conditions. I will post photos elsewhere and link here.

We finished our trip by staying two nights at Paddlers Inn in Simoom Sound, British Columbia. Great way to spend a week if you are able.

Pictures here:

…While it’s hard to get comments about anything having to do with the BC coast at this website folks would be well-served to look at albums of your other trips and get inspired.

Me? I share your disease and appreciate your postings on other websites and your photos. I just returned from a Port Hardy to Coal Harbour trip that included a detour to the North Brooks for a few days. I would love to see more photos of Nordstrom Creek. Do you have any?


Nordstrom Creek

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several of the shots in that album are at Nordstom where we camped overnight, before heading back towards Kyuquot. I'll dig through my archive and see what else I can find. The beaches there were notable for only bear, cougar and wolf footprints until we arrived.

We all get kind of provincial in our belief that one place is better than another. Half of our group to Broughton had heard so many bad things about Johnstone Straight that they were initially hesitant about going! It turned out to be one of our best trips ... even without the west coast of Vancouver Island excitement and rock gardens. We just have to keep an open mind.


Very nice
Classic BC. Thanks for posting.