Brown spots of growth on recent salvage purchase

Not sure what these things are, but they are about the size of a large grain of rice, brown, and some have what look like tails or sprouts growing out of them. They were in small clusters on a Kevlar Current Designs (CD) Solstice GT that I bought recently. The boat had severe oxidation and had obviously been sitting for a long time. The restoration went well, except that these little buggers were hard to get off! And, they did not come off completely, as I found out afterwards. I have a great picture if I can post it.

I read somewhere about explosive mulch that leaves very similar black buggers, but these are definitely brown.


~ Doug

Wow “salvage purchase” of a kevlar CD. Nice!

What did you do for the restoration? Did you compound and then wax the hull and deck? That’s what I did with my 20 year old CD Solstice GTS (fiberglass). I used a Porter Cable random orbit polisher and marine wax. Best if you take all the rigging off (again…)

BTW, where in the world are you? Some information on local climate might help to answer your specific question…

I am in western Pennsylvania. The oxidation was so bad that I had to wet sand deep to get past the oxidation. Then yes, compound and wax and 303. I agree that taking off all of the hardware really made a difference in the effort and the final result.

The guy I bought it off of did not seem to know much about the boats, but I found a sea shell and a lot of debris inside. The sea shell was not a great lakes shell, so I am presuming coastal time in and out of the water.

The mystery spots appear to be remnants of a climbing vine’s tendrils. Please see attached picture taken in coastal SC on my painted fence.

I have pressure washed some away, scraped some and painted over.

Andy, thank you. Those look exactly like what I have! I appreciate the help. Glad to know it isn’t something worse.