Browning aluminum canoes?

Hi All,

I have an opportunity to purchase a used 15’ aluminum canoe for a nice price. I asked the current owner what make the canoe is, asuming I would hear Grumman, Alumacraft… and he said it was a Browning. I am familiar with Browning hunting and fishing gear but does anyone know anything about a Browning canoe? Suprised me.

Any info would help. Thanks!!


Ask him what the HIN is
The first three characters of the HIN (Hull Identification Number) will tell you who the manufacturer is. Go to type in those three character under MIC and hit search. That will tell you the manufacturer.

Sometimes companies will make a canoe for others as an off brand. I suspect that another company made this canoe for Browning. The above link will let you know who.

Thanks for the great site Ken. I will be sure to check on that. The off brand comment makes a lot of sense. Does anyone by chance have any experience with these canoes?

Well, Who made it?

have not gotten response yet

Browning canoes
In 1975 I bought a used 17’ aluminum canoe which turned out to be a Browning. I had no idea they existed! About 5 years later I bought a used 13’ aluminum…Browning again! Both were wide with the usual deep keel, not easy to turn quickly but they had good primary stability and I could stand up in them for long distances on the rivers of Michigan I do. The 13’ was sold by someone I loaned it to (a mistake I will never repeat). I still have the 17’ and it has more dents and creases in it that an un-wadded ball of foil. One thing I found interesting is that the seats were of lawn chair nylon weave material. They were cool and comfortable, didn’t collect water and were easily replaced.