Bruce Peninsula Tobermory

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I'm vacationing with another couple for a week in Tobermory Ontario on the Bruce Penisnula

I DO know the weather can change in minutes and people die of hyperthermia every year up in the great lakes, always dress for immersion etc... however, I also know a nice hour when I see it and have the sense to get a current weather report first and we will not be straying more than 5 min from any reasonable emergency landing, let alone 5 min from shore. More like 50 yards max. This is not an Island hopping excursion. Enough of that.

I have a 9 year old son. He has his own kids size 12' real sea kayak. He has flatwater experience on it. He is plenty capable of a 3km or so paddle at a stretch. He has a half wetsuit (short sleeve/shorts type).

The 4 adults of us all have 9.5' rec boats. Don't laugh, I like my plastic tub, it suits me just fine. And my kid can keep up with my slow boat.

We will be in Tobermory 4 days and intend to do the inland lakes and some short coastal shoreline playing.

Again, None of us are prepared for being out of swimming distance of shore, and I know a cliff is not a landable shore, but the coastline looks quite reasonable especially on some of the cove areas, and weather permitting, etc.

We have swam in Superior, I know it's no joke.

Are there any places you would recommend to go, or to avoid for such 1 hr or less "trips" around the shore?

Dan Sergison

Check out Dunks Bay; it has a sand beach and out houses

Best freshwater shipwreck diving in the world according to some. If you are a diver, this is a not to be missed opportunity. The Arabia and the Forest City were 2 of my favorites. The W.L.Wetmore was pretty cool too!

not diving, could snorkel?
Can you paddle over any wrecks?

Most too deep
There may be a couple that are shallow enough to snorkel in the harbor, like the Sweepstakes or The City of Grand Rapids. If they are shallow enough to snorkel, in most cases all that are left are deck timbers, the ice and storms would have beat them up pretty bad. The really pretty, mostly intact ones are much deeper, between 100’ to 160’ deep or deeper.