Brule River - Northeast Wisconsin

Anyone ever canoe/camp along the Brule, in Florence County, Wisconsin? Planning on taking a two day/one night trip there in August. Looking for information, such as good put in/take out spots, fishing information, camping information, etc. I’ve also heard there is a website that talks about the area, but I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks for any help.

Check out the
"Wisconsin Canoe Weekend Reco?" post on this message board. You can find some info on the Wisconsin River Alliance links and lots of info in the Paddling Northern Wisconsin book.

I haven’t paddled it but plan to this summer as well. Friends have fished it and the upper reaches have brook trout. I always liked spinners (small Panther Martins are my favorite) for those aggressive brookies. As you move downstream you should pick up more smallmouth bass and northern pike, or so I’m told.

Good luck and have fun.

Border Brule Info
I paddled the Brule River a couple of times. It is a very nice river almost completely secluded. It is one of my favorite rivers. However, it has a tendency to be very scratchy at low water and has few good areas to camp. If you do not pick you routes carefully you will walk. I usually put in on Hwy 139 and take out on the flowage in Florence. This makes a nice two-day canoe trip. If you are fishing this might be to long for a two-day trip. I usually try to camp at Two Foot Fall. It is great spot, probably the nicest campsite on the river, but if pull in late you might find some else camping there. If you intend to camp there, I suggest you unload your camping gear before the fall (river right), this way you do not have to carry it uphill after the fall. Running the falls is not necessary difficult, it has a nice tongue on the right side of the ledge and requires a sharp turn to the left immediately after the drop. After Two Foot Fall, the current seams to pick up and a few houses become visible. I have run it both times in June and have seen very few people on the river. I have seen some fisherman on the river and actually seen some of them catch fish (trout). There is a canoe outfitter in Iron River he shuttled me both times(around $50). I highly recommend the river but keep an eye on the water level.