Brule River WI (Border MI-WI)

 I will be taking a group of paddlers on the Brule River (Michigan/Wisconsin border) mid May. It is an overnight trip with as many as five to six canoes.  I was going to paddle the river a few weeks before the trip to scout the size of the camp sites available but hernia surgery took four weeks out of my paddling plans.  I have paddled the river two times; both times I camped at Two Foot Falls, a great site but not big enough for multiple tents.  There is another official site at about nine miles from the put-in, near Twin Rapids, I never stopped there. Has anyone camped there and remembers how big that site was? Ideally I like to paddle about 12 -14 miles on the first day, does anyone know if there are any camping possibilities on the Michigan side?

Make use of Google Earth. You can
often see things like campsites clearly enough to get an advance idea. I use Google Earth to scout rivers for downed trees, rapids, dams, etc.

If you get on the USGS site for gauges, you can go to the gauge information and click on “Site Map.” Suddenly you will be able to interchangeably view road mapping, terrain illustration, satellite view (Google Earth) and USGS (topographic). Great resource. Sometimes the topos are slow or load incompletely. But, it’s free.