Brule River?

I’ve been eyeing the Brule River for a long time and am finally going to do something about it. Actually, there are 2 Brule Rivers in WI, and fairly close to each other. The one that caught my attention is also known as the Border Brule, because it forms the WI/UP border for 40+ miles. Does anyone have more info about the river? Are there outfitters (for shuttles) in the area? Anyhting you’d like to share would be welcome. Thanks!


Very nice river and one of the few in north WI and UP-MI you can paddle close to year round. Starting at Brule campground near Norma is the upper end but in non-Spring conditions you may do some scraping (especially if you have packs) until Hwy139/189 where it is better.

In the recent decade there has been development on the UP side. Trout fishing is ok. There are quite few Class I riffles and several Class II rapids, one of which is a ledge. There are a number of Nat Forest roads which you can use to vary your route, but be sure you know where your car is parked and don;t paddle by; this is WI’s wildest area. There are quite a few camping opportunities on the river.

I do not know of any shuttle services but Google the Florence Natural Resource and Wild Rivers Interpretive Center and ask; and also visit when you are there.

possible shuttle

Wild Rivers Adventure Company

Brule River
Thanks for the info! I’ll check it all out.


Shuttle for the Brule River and more
I have run this river a few times and always enjoy it immensely. I usually run it from Hwy 189 to the Flowage near Florence. My favorite camp site is at Two Foot Falls (an easy CL2 ledge). The site can easily accommodate three tents and several more on lesser flat ground. The river has good current and even-though the distance seams great, one can easily do the trip in a two day paddle with the bonus of one additional rapid to run (La Chapelle Rapids). Camp sites are few on this river so prepare to do some bush-waking if the Two Foot Fall site is taken. There is possibility to camp a bit further down river on the Michigan site. I ran the Brule last spring in high water and cruised at almost six miles an hour (left two foot falls at 8:30 and was at the take out before noon). Walter Roberts has shuttled me in the past he is very nice guy and was not very expensive. I usually meet him in the parking lot at the take-out in Florence he then rides with me to the put-in on HWY 189 and then takes my car back to the flowage. (715) 528 5351 Cell (715) 889 2978. Contact me if you need more info. Happy paddling