Brunswick, Maine

What are your favorite day trips within an hour of Brunswick, Maine? Looking for (1) ponds and lakes and (2) very moderate salt-water coves, no open ocean.

too far south for freshwater…
Try the coastal zone just offshore. Really fun stuff…imho.

Some places near Brunswick

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I posted some some suggestions for protected places to paddle near Brunswick, Maine at:

I posted them on the Southern Maine Sea Kayaking Network website forum because I wanted to try out the new website, and because I thought the information might be useful to readers of that forum.

Thanks very much for those suggestions
Got any favorite ponds and lakes?

You can go to Runaround Pond
in Durham but paddling ponds and lakes in an area dominated by rivers is tough.

The Androscoggin is a beautiful river. You can put in under the 196 bridge and paddle to Bowdoinham and exit at the boat launch on the Cathance river.

Not too much current just a nice float. Very little development and plenty of birds in Merrymeeting Bay.

The New Meadows River is pretty protected though its the ocean. No big swells.