Brunton 70P

I picked up the Brunton 70P today. It came with sheet metal screws which I tossed.

Does anyone remember what length 4X40 SS machine screw I need to mount it in the kevlar WS T165?

I will use either nylock nuts, or capscrews with Loctite.



FWIW, the stock screws work fine

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I've had 70Ps in four boats, all mounted with the stock screws and none of them ever even showed signs of coming loose. You have to remember that a compass is not under any stress and in the worst case, the screws only have to support the weight of the compass itself, which isn't much. While using machine screws and locked nuts won't hurt, it's overkill and just makes the compass harder to install and remove.

stock screws
I used the stock screws as well and probably would again… but some people have recommended the bolts instead just so they don’t have sharp screw ends poking through. I found a little silicone covered the ends well and stayed in place. You just don’t want anything sharp that could poke your drybag.


You can also snip off the ends a bit before you goop 'em.