Brunton 85r compass

Anyone have an opinion or have installed this compass on their boat? I was thinking of installing it on/thru my front Valley hatch with a backing plate. Would this be OK?

Using a 70p in the provided recess isn’t a prefered option for me as its difficult to read.


The compass should be fine, mounting it on a rubber hatch probably isn’t a good idea though. They arn’t intended to carry a load on them and will likely destroy the rubber hatch cover. Some reason you can’t install on the deck?

Bill H.

Go for it
Worst case scenario is you buy a replacement hatch cover. Good trial method without putting holes in your deck.

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I would rather consider the portable…
I would rather consider one of the portable compasses. This way you’ll have a choice of having a totally clear deck and if you are on a paddle where you do need to navigate you can pull it out of your day hatch.

Put a snowglobe into the recess :wink:

This compass wants a flat surface , my deck is peaked, would require a little more work,but is doable.

The hatch is flat, I also switch up boats,I would be able to use this hatch on different boats. I was just wondering if anyone has done this mount?

I think this guy did
This guy did mount a compass onto a rubber cover on one of his kayaks:

Velcro’ed to the cover isn’t quite the same as drilling the cover full of holes.

Bill H.


Will work
You probably don’t even need a backing plate, just large fender washers.

I have a hatch that’s been modified to pressure test compartments. It has a valve stem threaded through a hole in the hatch. The Valley Foam hatch does a great job of sealing itself if you under-size the hole. The fender washers dig into the foam, but don’t pull through.