Brunton eterna monocular focusing

-- Last Updated: Jun-09-06 1:58 PM EST --

Bnystrom, why do you say this monocular is fixed focus or doesn't require focusing past 20 feet? The owner's manual says the eyepiece must be rotated (with the opposite hand) for focusing a distant object.

No magic
Yes, it does require focusing between very near and far, but with the low magnification and bright optics in daylight if you have it focused to infinity your eyes can compensate for objects up to within 100 feet or so.

I have one of these based on Brian’s advice and am very happy with it for kayaking use.


okay…ill have to try it in the store. Thanks.

Try it outside the store
What this thing is good for is quick glimpses at distant objects to see what they are. Fits in PFD pocket, only takes one hand, and requires no fussing with. The long eye relief is nice because I can keep my glasses on and still see a wide field.

For more close-up lengthy hand-held study such as serious bird-watching where focusing will be needed you really want a conventional pair of binoculars, imo.