Brunton Liberty Mantless Lantern

The jetboil topic reminded me of this…

Anyone own or have you tried a Brunton Liberty Mantless Lantern?

They just seem ideal for kayaking. They are compact and have no mantles, but the price is a little prohibitive at $99 on average.

Saw one at Raystown
At the time it was not particularly dark, so I cannot speak as to it’s lighting ability. Will the owner please speak up?


For $50 less
look at the Brunton Glorb. $50 is a bunch of mantles. The Glorb fills from a standard canister into its own tank, kind of like an overgrown Bic lighter. You don’t have to tote two canisters to use a stove and lantern at the same time. It has an igniter and variable brightness settings to save fuel. It works as a candle lantern without the mantle. Not real bright that way, but gets by in a pinch.


I don’t use lanterns anymore
With the advent of super bright luxeon leds, and the chip controlled voltage and AAA litium batteries one can have a variable power headlamp that makes a great camp and reading lamp all in one for 4 oz. or less and many hours of light.

OK, if you love a lantern, no accounting for individual taste, but you might consider ditching the lantern, the fuel and noise.

I have one
So far I have been pleased with it.

My only complaint is that it burns so bright that it hurts my eyes to adjust it.

I have banged mine around quite a bit (including denting the platinum element), but it is holding up well.

Thanks for the info.
I will likely get one this spring. I prefer a lantern in the campsite. I save the headlamp for the tent and those rare occasions when I push my luck too far and wind up paddling until dark and get forced to try and find the sleeves for the tent poles in the pitch black of night.

Have a good week.