Bryant Creek Missouri

Does anyone know if Bryant Creek is canoeable from the Rippee access down to Warren Bridge?



Rippee access…

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Not familiar with that access.

I know you used to be able to put in at the low water bridge on MO Hwy 95. It's about a 10 miles run to MO 181 at Aid-Hodgson Mill.

Would have to catch that upper section at a decent water level, or it could be a hassle due to some rocky shoals. At high water watch out for willow jungles; that stretch can become somewhat of a challenge at high water levels. It goes by real fast. Been a LONG time since I did that one.

It is about 7 miles from Aid-Hodgson Mill(MO 181) to the Warren low water bridge.


If you go to the USGS gauge page,
find Bryant Creek, click on it, and then from the list of info, click “Site Map,” you will have a choice of terrain, topo, satellite, and road mapping, and you can pull the screen so as to go upstream to find both the Warren and the Rippee access.

There’s probably enough water now. The watershed area is pretty large. But the satellite photos, taken in summer, show a lot of braided sandbars. With some willow jungles, those could get interesting.

There’s nothing like local knowledge, and Bob’s observations suggest not starting as high as the Rippee access. Start lower and add more in a later trip if that goes well.

Bryant Creek Missouri
Thanks for the quick response Bob! The Rippee access is off Hwy 14, 11 miles east of Ava. The access is where Rippee Creek joins Bryant creek (mi. 4 on the creek).

Bryant Creek Missouri
Thanks for the input g2d. We would like to avoid the flat water below Warren Bridge if possible.


Try Twin Bridges
They are on the North fork, but close by. We asked them about some of the accesses on Bryant and they were familiar with Bryant. We thought about paddling Bryant Creek last year, heck, every time I go over there; but I migrate to the North Fork instead. WW