Bryson City NC canoeing

Hi! I recently got a canoe and I’m planning a trip to the Bryson City area soon, hoping for suggestions - both lake & river. I find lots of outfitters online, but as I’m completely unfamiliar to that area it’s been difficult piecing together any kind of itinerary. I did find a good trip report on here about Fontana. Mostly I’m lost on the river aspect of the trip. Recommendations? Also, shuttle recommendations? Thank you!

Check with rhe Asheville Outdoor …
center. They are located on the French Broad river and do varying length shuttles on it.

If you are looking for white water trips, just contact the Nantahala Outdoor center

Jack L

And the lakes below it, cheaho (that’s not spelled right), and calderwood are beautiful. Fontana has national park service campsites on the north side and a few islands, you will need a permit for these if your camping. They can be acquired at twentymile ranger station or Fontana marina. Most of the other side is national forest land. Calderwood has campsites as well provided by alcoa aluminum company. If you don’t want to camp then just heading out on the lakes in any direction is pretty. There is not a lot of access points so you really can’t go wrong. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more specific ideas.

Ryan L.