Buck on the Broad River

Wednesday Frank called and said he was free Thursday. So naturally, we decided to paddle. You might say I got back up on the canoe (horse) and back to the paddle (in the saddle) and returned to the Enoree where I swam with my camera. The high was 63F and the water 46F with some sun shining at the start but becoming cloudy as the day progressed. 13 miles to the takeout on the Broad River. We heard wild hogs several times rooting in the switch cane just back from the banks. Saw redheaded and pileated woodpeckers, flycatchers, cardinals, kingfishers, wood ducks, a couple turkeys, and blue herons. Saw a black vulture on a limb. About a mile from the takeout we spotted a buck swimming across the Broad River. We paddled into the wind on the river the last couple miles.


You’re killing me!
That deer looks like he would have been good eating.