So I’m trying to customize my kayak and little and add a little conversation piece at the same time:

I would like to design a sticker that is oval in shape, 1.5" tall and 2.5" long that would have the name of a river I have floated.

You know kind of like the “Buckeye Stickers” on the football helmet. Each sticker would have a different river and it would surround the cockpit on my yak.

Therefore, when I’m floating down a river and someone asks “what rivers have you floated” I could start rattliing them off or offer them the opportunity to check out my collection of “Buckeye” stickers for themselves.

The problem is- everywhere I look I have to order a minimum of 125 of the same label-

Any thoughts??

printer labels
You could get some labels that you run through your printer (a quick Google found this company, and they do have oval ones of various sizes). Printing is likely not waterproof nor UV stable, though.

Design your own on the computer
Go down to your local copy shop and have them print your file on sticker paper. Sheets of sticker paper are pretty cheap, and you could get a bunch of small stickers out of each one.

The stickers might not be super waterproof, though.

Maybe you should just get a permanent marker and write the name of each river you have paddled on your boat.

The only problem with that is:
don’t get caught in a hail storm with the yak on your vehicle roof.

I used to put stickers of the memorable places that my poly yak had been to on the fore and aft decks of my yak.

I had Glacier Bay, Everglades NP, Yellowstone NP, (permit) and a bunch of others, and they all got torn to bits in a hail storm driving about forty miles per hour.



and they will send you a Maine Island Trail Sticker for your car or kayak—they also send a guide book and a members card—feeling guilty about having a sticker for a place youve never paddled? Then come to Maine and paddle it(don’t have to do the whole thing—has lots of interesting overnights and daytrips)