Budget Cut Bummers/Reservoir Access

The budget woes are hitting us pretty good here in Cali.

Latest evidence… saw that the nearest significant body o’ water to my house (a medium-sized reservoir) will be closed to ALL boats from October 15 'til April 15, despite the fact that weather is definitely not an issue.

The reason? Well, according to the ppl I talked to, it’s because they don’t want to pay for someone to sit in the booth and collect the ‘boat inspection fees’ during the slower months.

Kinda sucks. While reservoirs aren’t exactly interesting paddling, they are perfect for quick workout/fitness-oriented paddles, and the proximity can’t be beat.

Will be nice when the economy finally recovers.

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Ah, that’s right, forgot to add question
…is this same thing happening to a lot of ppl out there right now? =<br />

The situation in Santa Clara County
is the same as it has been since they first started being concerned about the invasive species.

One day you could use any of the 11 reservoirs, only the few that allow motors had launch fees.

The next day all were closed to all use. A reservoir in San Benito county had been invaded, and everyones’ hair was on fire trying to determine the appropriate response.

A few weeks later, they opened four. Two had year-round schedules (motorized use) the other two only partial year schedules. The other 7 were off-limits.

Just recently they opened Lexington to the partial year schedule.

That was all prior to the current 2011 budget problem.

However, the ridiculous launch fees and parking fees at Lexington that didn’t exist previously - I suspect there’s a budget component in that decision.

Go to Alameda County - they also have fees, but they are far lower and the folks are very pleasant to interact with at the inspections and parks.

Happened here a couple yrs ago

– Last Updated: Aug-29-11 6:28 PM EST –

At one major res near Denver, boating season ran from open-enough water (which could be anywhere from late Feb. to early April) through freeze-up. It was not based on dates but on ice conditions. There were many years I could paddle in early to mid-December. And if January had a long thawing spell, we even could paddle for a few days before the ice inevitably closed things up. But at least the authorities would open it up for a nice break in winter, however short.

Not any more.

Since the zebra mussel stink arose and brought with it boat inspections, the season has been cut to starting no earlier than March 1 (if not too icy) and ending on or BEFORE November 30. Even if the water completely thaws outside of those dates, they will NOT allow boating because there won't be any boat inspectors on hand.

Which is really goofy, because kayaks and canoes that don't launch from the boat ramps don't even have to get inspected in the first place. Nevertheless, the administrative closure dates still apply.

I am so glad we will move out of here within the next year, what with the constricted boating season and the likelihood that developers and Douglas County will strongarm Denver Water to flood most of Chatfield, taking with it the swim beach, the gravel ponds, and good habitat for wildlife! Wait till West Nile virus becomes a huge problem due to mudbowl effect.

Sound advice as always, Dave
Well-stated, Dave. =]

And yep, as a Santa Clara County resident, the situation kinda turns my stomach. Especially the ridiculously high fees at Lexington now.

Alameda Country sounds nice, though a bit far for a quick n’ easy paddle (but paddling along Alameda Island sounds very interesting to do eventually).

For now, I’m thinking perhaps more like the Foster City lagoon (easy launch sites, and no fees AFAIK) and the various sloughs in the Redwood City/Redwood Shores/San Mateo area.

But what lakes/reservoirs do you like best in Alameda County, if I may ask?

…sucks. =[

Where y’all movin’ to?

Alameda County
I’ve just gone to Del Valle a few times. Without rush hour traffic, like a weekend morning, it can be less than an hour to the reservoir. Not happening for a post-work paddle, though.

Sunrise has it’s boat house there - they have a decent selection for you to demo if you are interested in that.

The lagoon in San Mateo gets visited often. Aquan has their boathouse there, good for demos, and they do Wednesday evening paddles too.

Santa Clara County
Well stated Desert Dave, Santa Clara County inspection/fee implementation is a joke. I gave that option up couple years ago. East Bay Parks does a very nice job, as you said very pleasant and they have their system down pat.

All this inspection and fee debacle has given me the opportunity to really discover the bay launch areas along and up the peninsula. Santa Cruz and along the coast to Monterey have become regular destinations many a weekend as well.

Its a shame that you used to be able to just drop your boat in the water at Lexington or Anderson and enjoy all they had to offer, but now it’s like going to the airport 2 hours early to catch a flight to LA.

And once these fees and inspections are in place, they will never go back to the way it was!