budgeting gear

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I was just thinking about how to tell someone else how to not go cheap with their first gear. I came up with something...a formula! I love when I read these and get to plug numbers in and see what happens...ohhhhh I guess I am a dork. This is the first time I have come up with one, so PLEASE tell me if it is good or not. When you buy a new boat divde the cost in half and there is what you should spend on gear for it. It is not really high class, but I think it sounds reasonable.

$236 OT Otter [GB=NB/2] yielding $118 for gear...lets see...introductory paddle +/- $60. Basic life jacket +/- $50 Bumb bumb bumb, $110.

My current kayak $400 OT Rush [GB=NB/2] $200.
$115 paddle, PFD...it slips my mind, and even with the internet at my fingers I can't find it, so $80 (a chance it was $60), but that still puts me at $195...a few bucks in lines and I am just about $200 +/-

How about a canoe? $2100 We-no-nah Solo Plus (guess what I am buying next year) [GB=NB/2] $1050. New life Jacket $90. New paddle, basicly $50 for starters. Kneeling pad, introductory price at $30. Lets say I go all out on the car hauler, $400 for the Talon EZ-load. $99.95 gets me the garage boat hoisting system. beep beep boop baammum beep beep bop $670. Plenty of room for fun stuff expansion.

What about a Dick's Big Box Store Special? $350 for the Pelican Explorer Delux 15'. $175 if my math is right...this looks tight. 2 paddles $60 (yes they have $20 paddles, but I am getting my numbers from the web site, where they only have $30 base models) Two PFD's, $60 for two basic Stern's Sportsmans. one universal canoe cartop kit $40. $160 to basically get to the lake and go fishing. But so far it seems to be working.

Now please come and prove me wrong. I have not been all around the block. But I think that it seems to be like a decent new rule of thumb.


Prove you wrong …
Unless Bell has introduced a new model, you would be wrong in thinking you can purchase a Bell Solo Plus at any price…



I missed that…lol I corrected it ASAP so noone sees it!!